Feminist Guide to The Bachelor: Season 18, Episode 3

The third week of The Bachelor begins with all the ladies commiserating on the couch, as per usual. Chris Hanson arrives in his best color block shirt to tell them that this week, like all other weeks that came before it, will be two solo dates and one group date. Thanks for that, Chris. Almost as helpful as when you remind us all that "there is only one rose remaining" during the elimination ceremony. We know, dude. We know. Chris Hanson slowly transforming into Ryan Seacrest as each day … [Read more...]

Feminist Guide to The Bachelor: Season 18, Episode 2

The episode begins with all of the ladies chilling by the pool, discussing how jealous they are that Clare gets to go on the first 1:1 date with Juan Pablo. (I love that they're still letting the dog chill in the house. He's swimming in the pool having the time of his life while these other bitches are panting for Pablo.) -- [Editor's note: Jesus Christ, are all of these going to be two hours? This is exhausting.] -- To make the date as seductive as possible, Juan Pablo leaves Clare … [Read more...]

Feminist Guide to The Bachelor: Season 18, Episode 1

Season 18 of The Bachelor debuted earlier this week, and myself - along with millions of other disillusioned Americans - watched with a mixture of delight and disgust as 27 single women threw themselves at the sexy Juan Pablo Galavis. --- The premiere episode kicked off with the usual tantalizing montage of the newest 'Bach throughout the upcoming season, juxtaposed against footage of him playing with his daughter or kicking around a soccer ball, to remind us what a well-rounded catch this man … [Read more...]

The Downfall of Taylor Swift

Remember when people really liked Taylor Swift? --- Back in 2006, when she first burst onto the music scene with her hit single "Our Song," fans instantly connected to her honest lyrics and down-to-earth personality. Girls wanted to be her best friend and guys wanted to bring her home to mom. She even beat out Beyonce for Best Female Video at the 2009 VMAs (much to the chagrin of Kanye West). And then she got, ummmm, kind of annoying. From her bushels of boyfriends to her Amy Poehler / Tina … [Read more...]

Bunt Family Stream-of-Conscious Oscar 2013 Recap

The 85th Academy Awards debuted on ABC last Sunday. Angela watched from her apartment in Queens, and Rochelle & Rod (her adoring parents) watched from their bedroom in Western Mass. The result? A mish-mash of jokes and insults that you may or may not find amusing. But you're already a paragraph into the article so you may as well just keep reading. --- ANGE: I listened to the red carpet pre-show while pulling the gizzards out of my chicken and prepping it for the oven. No, seriously. How … [Read more...]

The Ladies Bunt review Les Misérables (Hint: It was freakin’ awesome)

Les Misérables has been a defining musical in the Bunt house since it was introduced to Angela & Jackie in 1998. While they've never seen it performed on Broadway, for the last 15 years they've essentially been performing it for anybody that would listen. Which was nobody. When news broke that the musical was being adapted into a film, they began counting down the days until this Christmas miracle would hit theaters. Read on to find out exactly what Angela, Jackie and Mama Bunt (Rochelle) … [Read more...]

Everything I know in life I learned from a Phish show

Throughout our existence, we're bombarded with cheesy cliches and phrases meant to guide us through the often unnavigable terrain we call life. From adolescent drama at the school dance to adult annoyances in the work place, you'll find that these "Golden Rules" apply to even the strangest of situations- like a Phish show. --- Read on to find out why sharing your Tonka truck on the playground is just as important as sharing a joint with the stranger standing next to you. --- 1. Sharing is … [Read more...]

New England celebrates 4:20 with music and marijuana

New England: That little area of the United States known for its lush greenery, beautiful foliage, mercurial weather, and bitchy inhabitants- hardened by the cold winters they've been forced to endure for most of their lives. --- Being a New Englander myself, I know that besides pretty leaves and shitty winters, this Northern nook of the U.S. also has an abundance of delicious and potent marijuana, along with an awesome underground jam band / music scene, spawning artists such as Phish, James … [Read more...]

The Arrogant Sons of Bitches have a reason to be cocky

I've been trying to write an article about The Arrogant Sons of Bitches for the last two years. ---- I was going to title it something like, "Where Have All the Rude Boys Gone? Eagerly Awaiting the Return of the Arrogant Sons of Bitches" and it would basically be 1,000 words of me gushing about the now-defunct ska punk band from Long Island, N.Y. I'd talk about how they were the first ska band I'd ever seen live, the first tiny club show I'd ever been to, and how those shows basically changed … [Read more...]

Did it pass the test? R & R get their money’s worth from Netflix.

Husband and wife, mother and father, and now Buntology film critics? Check out the first installment of Rod and Rochelle's latest feature, in which they watch and review obscure Netflix movies so you don't have to. Rochelle: Rod and I have very different tastes in movies. He’s more the action, kill, lots of noise and aliens type, and I like suspense, mystery and romance. My favorite movie is Bridges of Madison County (a moment of silence please...) while his is Live Free or Die Hard. … [Read more...]