Take a stand against the man (in the labcoat)

Editor's Note: Since the dawn of Buntology, Jackie has been regaling us with her medical tails of woe (and triumph). Most recently, she let us in on her whacky visit to the optometrist. Now she's back, only this time it's with a vengeance. No longer will patients suffer at the hands of over-scheduled appointment books! No longer will we be forced to sit in a waiting room reading old issues of Cosmo secretly hoping nobody can see that we're turned to the "Sex Tips" article, which is pretty … [Read more...]

Jackie takes a visit to the optometrist

I have not been to an eye doctor in years. --- Once I moved to the eastern side of the state, I never got around to getting myself a new eye doctor. I've had the same pair of cruddy glasses since highschool, and only use them for watching TV (when I'm not too lazy to get up and grab them) or when I go out to the movies. --- I have been yelled at dozens of times by my family to get contacts, or to "go put on your glasses!" "stop squinting!" " you're going to kill a pedestrian!" etc. etc. Have … [Read more...]

I Survived Hurricane Sandy And All I Got Was This Lousy Blog Post

As anybody not living underneath a rock probably knows, the entire East Coast got raped and pillaged by Hurricane Sandy last night. The record breaking "super storm" left eight million without power, and caused an estimated 20 BILLION dollars in damage. As a dweller of the NYC Metropolitan area, where I live and the surrounding boroughs got it bad (worse than this guy), and are now reeling from the aftermath. --- I normally don't take much stock in the news. In my mind, it's mostly fear … [Read more...]

Presidential Debate coverage at-a-glance

Here's a slice of the interactions that the Bunt family had throughout the second and third Presidential debates. Hey, at least we think we're funny. … [Read more...]

Bob Ross has a coke nail

In a never-ending quest to find something soothing to fall asleep to, I've recently downloaded the entire "Joy of Painting" television series to my Macbook. While I can't paint a picture to save my life -- hell, I can't even polish my nails without inadvertently shellacking my fingertips -- I can't get enough of Bob Ross and his almighty trees living in his happy little world made up of titanium white and van dyke brown. That is, until I spotted his Coke Nail. --- How could such a gentle, … [Read more...]

My Southern Fried Adventure

Real quick -you may be wondering where the eff we've been the last week. Well, right now I'm sitting at a hostel in Nashville with my lovely roommate, a Swiss, and two Norwegian fellows, recapping the events of last evening. --- I guess that doesn't really clarify much. Basically, to reward ourselves for being awesome, the roomie and I decided to take a road-trip through the south. Well, "road-trip" via buses, trains and planes. Like I wasn't riding the Megabus enough as it is. --- The route … [Read more...]

Happy Cinco De Mayo… & seis, & siete, & ocho…

How pumped is everybody that Cinco De Mayo falls on a Saturday this year? And how many of you are going to parties called "Cinco De Drinko" this weekend? *Raises hand* --- Before we all start hallucinating from tequila intake, I thought I'd throw down some knowledge on the history of this holiday, so I turned to the most reliable source of information since  Encyclopedia Britannica went out of print earlier this year: Wikipedia.com... --- "It is celebrated nationwide in the United States and … [Read more...]

Draw Something, anything, for the love of God!

"Do you have the Draw Something app? It's sooo much fun! "Cmon download Draw Something so we can draw against each other!" "Did you draw back yet? Hurry I want to draw again." "I haven't done any drawings in days..." "I don't feel like drawing this is too much work."  --- The above is basically my entire thought process over the last month regarding the latest app craze, Draw Something. Like most relationships built on lust and infatuation, it only took about a month to go from complete … [Read more...]

Mega Millions is Taking Over the World!

Am I the only one who thinks this Mega Millions lottery thing is getting out of hand? Last I checked the lottery amount was up to 640 million dollars. I am sure by later this afternoon it will reach over 700. People are going insane! I flipped the television on and all the news outlets are going into lottery overload. It looks like a zombie takeover of sorts. … [Read more...]

Our favorite Bunty search terms

This June marks Buntology's fourth year in the blogging business. --- In those four years we've posted articles on everything from the death penalty to summer vacation, online dating to mouse feces, and much, much more. Because of our unique and wide-spanning content, we're often amused- and sometimes scared- to see what kind of search terms people are using to find our website. --- Below is a list of the funniest, freakiest, and just plain odd, most commonly used search terms. Read it and … [Read more...]