About Us

The concept of Buntology originated in the summer of 2008. That summer, which would come to be called “The Summer of Love,” was a season of fun and adventure for the Bunt Family, with the common thread of hilarity running throughout it. And because the Bunts, specifically daughters Alicia, Angela and Jackie, are equal parts insane / brilliant / vain, they knew their adventures must be documented for all to see.

Now- with archives dating back to August 2008- the site has morphed from a wittier-than-average family blog to a relevant and hilarious online magazine, with focuses on music, pop culture, current events and lifestyle, and whatever the hell else we feel like writing about.

Our headquarters are located in New York, N.Y., with satellite offices in both Eastern and Western Mass.

Buntology prides itself on loudly exclaiming what everybody else in the room is secretly thinking.



“It’s not even noon and I’ve already eaten three Hershey Kisses, five doughnut holes, a bag of Doritos and a slice of pizza. Luckily, I bought a new shirt for the special occasion- which I unknowingly purchased from the maternity section of Loehmann’s yesterday- so there’s plenty of room up in hurr. Annnnd make that six doughnut holes.”


“I marched right up to that register, book and CD in hand, smiling. The young man at the counter smiled too –  only now do I realize that his smile was the kind of smile you see on a prison inmate’s face right before he rapes you in the ass. I received $12. I asked the young employee,  ‘Are you sure? I kept the CD, do you see?!’ He replied, ‘Sorry, just $12.’ That is when I stabbed him with my student ID card. Just kidding!”


I have picked up a phone and as I went to speak have been told to ‘shut up and listen,’ and another time ‘Bitch, you took my money and you’ll give it back’ (I didn’t), and on several occasions had my education questioned by someone with less-than-perfect grammar. At those times I do want to scream into the phone that I am a former teacher with a Master’s degree, but why bother?”


I’ve got a fine, sparse growth on my head, the kind of male pattern baldness that allows me to look in the bathroom mirror and say, ‘well that doesn’t look too bad,’ but where everyone else glances at me and says, ‘hey there goes a bald motherfucker.’ Exotic women caress my cranium and coo, ‘My, what a lovely head of skull you have.’



  1. Hey… love the site… Have you ever read Anatomy of the Spirit by Carolyn Myss? Enjoyed meeting you two at the party… Patrick was vintage Patrick… even better… I wish that had been videotaped! … Dave

  2. everyone’s head except for jackie is tilted

  3. ayyyy angella think the site is awsomee chat me sometime

  4. Angela,
    I had no idea. I mean, this is very cool.

    Bola A.

  5. Not been disappointed with Buntology EVER! I ❤ da Bunts!

  6. big daddy says:

    Wow, nice and slick, quick and funny. Way to go Angeeee.

  7. big daddy says:

    All my girls are so Beauytiful!!!!!

  8. Rochelle Bunt says:

    I’m funny~right?

  9. Nice meeting you this weekend! Hope you had a phabulous phestival! =)

  10. Sharon A says:

    You are hilarious. I never knew.

  11. Hi Angela — Good to meet you last night. Hope you enjoyed the show and the tshirt ! Amazing night of music!! Let me know when you publish the Dopapod article. We’ll keep you posted on our upcoming shows. We’d love for you to come out for the next show.

  12. THE coolest.


  1. […] By alexshouz Angela Bunt, of Buntology; created a recent documentary of the Wormtown 2009 Festy in Greenfield, MA I too was there (only […]

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