Exploria Episode 1: Sanfords Restaurant

Astoria is up-and-coming: not just as an alternative to the already crowded food and bar scene of Manhattan, but as the definitive answer to the question, "Where to after Brooklyn?" It hasn't yet become the kind of destination neighborhood, say, Park Slope has become, and that's part of its charm. There is still something slightly undiscovered about it all - at least for now.  --- Join us for Exploria, a new series that essentially lets three local lushes take to the streets and find out … [Read more...]

Sunday Bites

There's nothing better than a relaxing Sunday, filled with sleeping, eating, and sleeping and eating. Also potentially nursing a hangover and laying in bed watching YouTube videos all morning. That's why we've decided to welcome back our weekly Sunday Bites feature, only instead of random "bites out of the Big Apple" (yeah, pretty clever) we're going to start bringing you recipes! --- This week, Angela attempts homemade mozzarella sticks. How can you go wrong with cheese and breadcrumbs? … [Read more...]

Bob Ross has a coke nail

In a never-ending quest to find something soothing to fall asleep to, I've recently downloaded the entire "Joy of Painting" television series to my Macbook. While I can't paint a picture to save my life -- hell, I can't even polish my nails without inadvertently shellacking my fingertips -- I can't get enough of Bob Ross and his almighty trees living in his happy little world made up of titanium white and van dyke brown. That is, until I spotted his Coke Nail. --- How could such a gentle, … [Read more...]

How I spent my summer vacation

Two thousand and twelve had gotten off to a rocky start. --- After moving, dealing with a mouse and roach infestation, and ultimately having to move again, my roommate, Tilly, and I decided we needed to do something awesome for ourselves. After all, 2012 was supposed to be our time to shine and we'd already wasted the first half of the year chasing vermin around our apartment. We needed to make up for lost time. And what better way to do that than to take a two week trip through the … [Read more...]

My Southern Fried Adventure

Real quick -you may be wondering where the eff we've been the last week. Well, right now I'm sitting at a hostel in Nashville with my lovely roommate, a Swiss, and two Norwegian fellows, recapping the events of last evening. --- I guess that doesn't really clarify much. Basically, to reward ourselves for being awesome, the roomie and I decided to take a road-trip through the south. Well, "road-trip" via buses, trains and planes. Like I wasn't riding the Megabus enough as it is. --- The route … [Read more...]

Happy Cinco De Mayo… & seis, & siete, & ocho…

How pumped is everybody that Cinco De Mayo falls on a Saturday this year? And how many of you are going to parties called "Cinco De Drinko" this weekend? *Raises hand* --- Before we all start hallucinating from tequila intake, I thought I'd throw down some knowledge on the history of this holiday, so I turned to the most reliable source of information since  Encyclopedia Britannica went out of print earlier this year: Wikipedia.com... --- "It is celebrated nationwide in the United States and … [Read more...]

Draw Something, anything, for the love of God!

"Do you have the Draw Something app? It's sooo much fun! "Cmon download Draw Something so we can draw against each other!" "Did you draw back yet? Hurry I want to draw again." "I haven't done any drawings in days..." "I don't feel like drawing this is too much work."  --- The above is basically my entire thought process over the last month regarding the latest app craze, Draw Something. Like most relationships built on lust and infatuation, it only took about a month to go from complete … [Read more...]

OWS “General Strike” – so why am I still at work?

So apparently THIS is happening today. --- The convo I had with my boss in regards to the general strike went something like this: Me: Sooo, tomorrow is Occupy Wall Street's general strike. Him: Okay... Me: Apparently people aren't supposed to be going into work. They're going to block off the subways. They're protesting throughout the city! Him: And how does this relate to you coming into work? Me: I'm just saying it might be hard for me to make it in on time... y'know, because they're … [Read more...]

The five least douchey bars on the Upper East Side

To some people living outside of the Greater New York area, the Upper East Side may seem like a cool place to be. --- Shows like Gossip Girl and Sex & the City glorify the neighborhood, presenting it as a ritzy and posh area of Manhattan. When friends from college ask me what part of New York I'm living in and I say the Upper East Side they oooh and aaah, wondering what kind of fancy job I've landed that has enabled me to live in such a luxurious neighborhood. --- This may be true for … [Read more...]

The Arrogant Sons of Bitches have a reason to be cocky

I've been trying to write an article about The Arrogant Sons of Bitches for the last two years. ---- I was going to title it something like, "Where Have All the Rude Boys Gone? Eagerly Awaiting the Return of the Arrogant Sons of Bitches" and it would basically be 1,000 words of me gushing about the now-defunct ska punk band from Long Island, N.Y. I'd talk about how they were the first ska band I'd ever seen live, the first tiny club show I'd ever been to, and how those shows basically changed … [Read more...]