The Plight of the ‘Working’ Mom

Poor Gwyneth. Even before she and Chris Martin split she was complaining about the challenges of being a working mom. --- In an interview with E! she said: “I think it’s different, when you have an office job, because it’s routine and, you know, you can do all the stuff in the morning and then you come home in the evening. When you’re shooting a movie, they’re like, ‘We need you to go to Wisconsin for two weeks, and then' ….blah blah…" --- Woe is Gwyneth. … [Read more...]

The Cancer Book: Dear Man

Dear man who offered to help me in the Barnes & Noble parking lot on Saturday: - I’m sorry I was kind of bitchy. You were doing this nice thing and I was frustrated and angry and didn’t even turn around to acknowledge your offer. - You see it would have been so easy to let you lift my husband’s wheel chair and put it in my car for me but what about getting it back out when I got home? What about the next time and the next time after that? I was thinking of all that as I cursed under my … [Read more...]

The Cancer Book

I was told to buy a notebook to keep track of all the important information I would be getting regarding Rod’s cancer. Rod’s cancer. After being married for a long time there aren’t many things that belong to one or the other of us. This would sometimes annoy me. -- I would say something about using Rod’s car and he would correct me that it wasn’t his car but our car and that he just happens to drive it more often. I tell him people need their own things. I tell him we are too close and should … [Read more...]

Buntington Manor’s Notable Holiday Song List

[Author’s note: Granted, there is an endless well of seasonal tunes, and this compilation is admittedly incomplete. I confess that it was written while I was sick and under the influence of a combination of over-the-counter cold medications. I laughed, I cried, I wrote. I hallucinated. James Stewart and I sat under my Christmas tree and rang jingle bells while yelling, “Get me. I’m givin’ out wings!” So this is the result.] --- Everyone has their favorite holiday songs. You are understandably … [Read more...]

What Jesus Christ, Bill Murray and 9/11 have in common

Christmas is a fraud. Let me be clear about my feelings concerning this cash-grab of a holiday right now. From my understanding of the olden days, the Christian church needed to offset Pagan rituals that occurred at this time of year and came up with a date that featured a lovely, squeaky-clean hero baby that didn't drink, smoke or spit on public sidewalks. --- Over the years, national and local retailers have been screaming like banshees about the need to buy early and often, and Black Friday … [Read more...]

Life, Liberty and the pursuit of French Fries

I don’t know much -- OK, anything -- about foreign policy. I don’t know why we all just can’t get along, share and play nice like we were taught in kindergarten. I don’t understand why any of us think we own this planet and have any more right to one part of it than anyone else. I also don’t understand why people litter. I’m so silly. --- When people start spouting off about socialism, I am all: "Huh? Is that a bad thing?" Socialism has the word social in it and I’m pretty darn social! How can … [Read more...]

The Bunts buy a bed: A tale of redemption and glory

There’s an old saying that if Mom’s not happy no one is. --- I am truly not hard to please. If you ask my husband I believe he will agree. I am content to eat a salad for dinner and a day out is a trip to Victoria Secret to cash in my coupon for free underwear. Nevertheless, for the past year I have been whining daily about needing a new bed. --- The one we have was a gift from my in-laws who never scrimp on quality or price, so while it was once a great bed after 20 years it has become more … [Read more...]

Did it pass the test? R & R get their money’s worth from Netflix.

Husband and wife, mother and father, and now Buntology film critics? Check out the first installment of Rod and Rochelle's latest feature, in which they watch and review obscure Netflix movies so you don't have to. Rochelle: Rod and I have very different tastes in movies. He’s more the action, kill, lots of noise and aliens type, and I like suspense, mystery and romance. My favorite movie is Bridges of Madison County (a moment of silence please...) while his is Live Free or Die Hard. … [Read more...]

How to survive 30 years of marriage

My husband and I just celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. Being married for 30 years is significantly more impressive than 25 years, although the 25th anniversary is typically the one that gets the big party and all the attention. It’s a whole new decade of marriage. It’s like turning the big 3-0 as compared to 25. Since I got married at 26, the "married me" years now clearly outnumber the "not married me" years.  This is just one more sign of being middle aged that occurs to me at … [Read more...]

Rochelle takes Target.

I hate shopping. [editor's note: no really- she hates it.] And I especially hate it on a beautiful summer day when I could be doing a whole lot of anything else. Nevertheless, sometimes you have to go buy a few things, and in North Adams if it isn’t Wal-Mart or The Dollar Tree then it’s a trip to Target. My husband and I like to call these outings a "date."  This is supposed to make us feel happy and in love instead of miserable and filled with dread as we consider if we have enough … [Read more...]