Keep Cookin’ w. Jackie Bunt

Hey all you Buntology viewers! I am currently working at the Ludlow Community Television station and have started my own cooking show. With the help of my manager Mike and the awesome editing and producing techniques of Caitlin Howe I am starting to make my way onto the cooking scene. You can watch Keep Cookin’ episodes and get all the recipes right here on Thanks everyone and remember… Keep Cookin’!


Episode 1: Bruschetta Chicken and Onions

Episode 1 Recipe

Episode 2: Stuffed Pork

Episode 2 Recipe

Episode 3: Lemon Chicken and Sauce

Episode 3 Recipe

Episode 4: Italian Artichoke and Tomato Pasta Love sauce

Episode 4 Recipe



  1. I walked in during the filming of episode three, and i tasted the results. delicious!!!

  2. I saw episode 3 yesterday on TV. Good show!

  3. Katie Mahaney says:

    I like cooking with Jackie 🙂
    Nice show!


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