My Southern Fried Adventure

GIddy the f*ck up.

Real quick -you may be wondering where the eff we’ve been the last week. Well, right now I’m sitting at a hostel in Nashville with my lovely roommate, a Swiss, and two Norwegian fellows, recapping the events of last evening.

I guess that doesn’t really clarify much. Basically, to reward ourselves for being awesome, the roomie and I decided to take a road-trip through the south. Well, “road-trip” via buses, trains and planes. Like I wasn’t riding the Megabus enough as it is.

The route as it stands is: D.C. > Knoxville > Nashville > Memphis > New Orleans > Atlanta > Savannah > N.Y.C. Like I said, we’re already in Nashville, and by this time tomorrow we’ll be well on our way to Memphis. So with Tilly’s super expensive camera and my not-so-expensive laptop in tow, we’re trying to bring you as much coverage as possible.


We’ll be updating it with pics, vids and articles for the entire trip, so bookmark it and keep checking back.


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