Happy holidays, you bastard

What could be better on Christmas than the gift of a brand-spankin’ new Buntology.com, along with a brand-spankin’ new video? Nothing! Watch as the Bunt Father-Daughter duo partake in their favorite Christmas tradition: The annual trip to Wal-Mart and the Dollar Tree for presents and stocking stuffers. *Apologies for the choppy edit, that’s what happens when you’re forced to use Windows Movie Maker on a Dell.



  1. HA this just made me laugh so hard, love you guys!

  2. hahahahaha I was just thinkin’ “Damn Ange, got enough gum in thar” … “Hold on let me do it again PTOOOEY” hahaha!

  3. FINALLY a new video…now I got my fix. I loved it as usual. And you’re right wally world is a very scary place. Brandie and I went in there and I swear it was a scene from deliverence. I was even hearing banjos in the background

    • Corr, I went and the cops were taking some lady away! There was a fight over an item and it got “ugly”. Thought I was on a reality show.
      Ange..this is so funny. Too bad no video for “the smell that had no source..or did it?”. LOL

  4. Rochelle we all need to suit up when entering Wally world!

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