New merch, new blog, & other fun updates…

Happy Tuesday!

Here’s what we’ve been working on down at the lab:

1. New merchandise, making its debut at Strange Creek Music Festival on May 27. Remember this? Because those sample tees were such a hit, this year we’re coming prepared with prints of both designs available for sale. Giddyup!

2. New blog all about talking vampires, inspired by the Edward Cullen doll I found sitting on my desk at work the other day. *Jumps on Tumblr bandwagon*

3. New posts, specifically one being published tomorrow about the amazing new album from The Alchemystics, “Spread Hope.” More Unemployment Diary coming soon, along with more Bunty / Toony collabs. I’ve also been collecting a butt-load of hilarious pictures and videos ever since I got my fancy new Iphone, so stay tuned!

Oh yea- check out our awesome new business cards:

Big things poppin’!!!


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