Stuff I listen to on the subway: Doctor Doom Orchestra

Doctor Doom Orchestra – “Off the Ground”

Release Date: April 15

Who Are They: Reggae / funk / rock from Boston, Mass.
Dr. Doom – Fiddle, Vocals, Harmonica
P. Hurley – Guitar, Vocals
J. Markey – Trumpet
D. Pratt – Saxaphone
Luke Beat – Drums
Andrew Simpson – Bass
Andrea T. – Vocals
P. – Vocals

Sound Like: Roots of Creation, Sublime, 311 and all that other fun reggae-rasta-rock stuff.

Top Tracks: Spin the World, Deep in the Green (because who doesn’t love a track about mary jane), Heartbeat

DDO’s first full-length release is a summer album to the fullest. Kind of ironic considering I listened to it on a sweaty subway ride during a rainy, not-quite-spring day.

The horns, hums, accented offbeats and smooth lyrical rap flow present in the 7-track EP serve as the perfect reggae/rap fare. In fact, if I close my eyes hard enough between the three stops from 86th to 14th street, it almost makes me think that the bead of sweat dripping down my back is due to dancing in a grassy field at a festival.

Sadly, we’re still a couple months away from such fantasies, and the sweat is just because the 4/5/6 train is way too crowded in the morning and I’m smooshed next to a stranger.

From the opening title track, “Off the Ground,” to the closer (and current single), “Heartbeat,” this album is like a cool drink of water/lemonade/beer on a hot day.  All I can picture while I listen to it is being outside and barefoot- with a joint in my hand and a smile on my face.

The music is effortlessly enjoyable, and provides the same chilled-out contentment as bands like Sublime, 311 and [insert your favorite summer stoner music here]. And while there’s something to be said for this type of musical familiarity that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, DDO does manage to stand out from the pact. This is largely attributed to the female vocalist of the group, known as Andrea T. Holy crap her voice is awesome. She adds a totally unique dimension to the album and takes songs like “Spin the World” and “Ride Out” from really good to really really friggin’ good.

So for those of you out there that are clawing your face off in anticipation for warm weather, outdoor concerts and festival season (will it ever come?), I highly recommend listening to this album in the interim. It may not change April showers to May flowers any faster, but it’ll certainly improve your sunny disposition.

For news, tour dates and music samples, check out or “like” them on Facebook.



  1. Rochelle Bunt says:

    Ahhh Ange.. you make me wanna be a hippie again.

  2. peter hantzis says:

    Great write-up!

  3. big daddy says:

    Can I run to it? Listening to goosepimp ochestra’s latest on itunes. Loved it, butCAN I RUN TO IT? this is the big question.

  4. Matt Kaminski says:

    DDO is simply the best band in Boston. I’ve seen them at three different venues in Boston and they rocked every one. Go see them before they get famous and start charging 50 bucks a ticket.

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