‘Murray Hell: Welcome to the Hill, Bitch’ – toonyc.com

Article syndicated from popular NYC blog, “Too New York” by Colin Drucker

This past Sunday, Angela and I finally ventured to Murray Hill for the first installment of “Murray Hell,” which aims to answer the question, “What is it I hate about this neighborhood so much?” but ultimately is just an opportunity for me to get drunk and criticize it openly for an afternoon.

In this first installment, we went straight to the beating heart of the Hill: Joshua Tree. Luckily for us, we came on Game Day, for the most perfect cross-section of Murray Hellions: New York Jets jerks and Patriots Massholes. It couldn’t have been a more perfect day to visit.

Without further adieu, and brought to you in large part through Buntology and Bunty mastermind Angela, I give you episode 1 of “Murray Hell”:



  1. an interesting, gritty look into the dark purple underbelly of Murray Hill. The light and lovely Angela Bunt and the brooding, embittered Colin Drucker are perfect bookends for this slickly-produced piece.

  2. Rochelle Bunt says:

    I am not sure what it is about Murray Hill that you hate except it sounds like it is a dumping ground for snooty rich kids from out of town who think they now live in NYC and have bragging rights. OOH.. I think I hate it too. Anyhow, so funny and I wish I could be in your fun world.

  3. hahahah i love you guys. dad- ew purple underbelly. i never pictured colin as brooding, but now that you mention it, he was pretty embittered after a full day in the MH.

    mom- you can live in my fun world and you will. only it’s less fun and more disturbed.

  4. I just totally SL’d (to borrow a phrase) at your tag “New England girls like to poop and drink beer.”

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