And we’re back!!!: Moving diary video teaser!

OK OK OK, so we haven’t updated in a while. But how do you expect us (specifically Angela) to accumulate such awesome NYC footage if she’s blogging all day?

Part 2 of the HSIMTNYCD (Holy Sh*t I’m Moving to NYC Diary) is coming SOON! For now, check out this awesome teaser from the video.

Watch in amusement as Angela talks about life as a lonely business woman during her trip out to San Fran for work, and contemplates who exactly is  sneaking into her hotel room to fold her underwear while she’s gone.



  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!! You’re AMAZING!

    Crazy woman.
    Keep doing that voodoo that only you do, baby – YOU ROCK!

    Kisses ‘n’ hugz from Trawna,

  2. hahahah so funny! I hope i will be on the full vid?

  3. OK.. the truth is I have been following you EVERYWHERE!

  4. folding your undies…thats got to be an invasion of privacy…lol and we dont know what they did with your undies before they folded them…CREEEPYY IS RIGHT

  5. yeah that is def. illegal – they should not be touching your belongings!!

  6. jayceaden says:

    – Shleppers Moving & Storage 250 West 49th Street, Suite 305, New York, NY 10019 (646) 963-2596 .

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