New Tiger Woods commercial, blah blah blah…

I honestly could not care less about the whole “Tiger Woods” situation.

It’s on every channel, people are always talking about him. For the most part I just tune it out, but on the radio this morning the hosts were talking about a new Nike commercial featuring Tiger.

The DJ was really angry and talking about how despicable the clip was, so naturally I was curious. Thanks to the Yahoo! news feed, the controversial clip  was up to view.

*Original clip got taken down, so enjoy this clip from the Colbert Report which discusses the commercial!

Yikes! I think the commercial definitely crossed some kind of line. He looks like an idiot through the whole thing. His face is like some sad puppy dog, and he has his deceased father narrating. Eh weird. To see Tiger using his scandal to make money- with the help of his dead dad’s voice, no less- almost counteracts any public forgiveness he may have achieved.



  1. The video is dead!

  2. Kate Mahaney says:

    they took it away! but it DID sound WEIRD from what you wrote…

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