Max the Dancing Elf — newest viral sensation?

My coworker and I had a little time on our hands. The result? The most amazing animated .gif you have ever seen.

We’re trying to make it go viral. Spread the word.

(P.S. If you watch it in Firefox it goes super fast, but in IE it’s normal speed.)



  1. more like Max the Miralax elf.

  2. Your blog sucks…you constantly post dumb things, that probably only your closest friends think are cool. No one cares about small time bands playing small time clubs, and no one cares about the horrid bands that play wormtown every year, and will never play a festival bigger for one reason, they suck.

  3. All that running.. is making me tired. Looks just like a leprechaun except for being 6 feet tall and everything.

  4. Thanks Long Johnson! Buntology values all opinions and readership 🙂

  5. ehhhh, sounds like somebody you dumped

  6. If I knew he was a leprechaun, I would have impaired him with my car on North Street and stolen his gold (and magical wardrobe).

  7. Beerba Fett says:

    Im still laughing an I was there.

  8. Hahaha to funny


  9. long johnson apparently has tiny balls if he has to post anonymously.

  10. Rochelle says:

    Seems like only a year ago…

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