Sheer talent? More like sheer humiliation.

Have you ever tried to start a band? If you’re anything like me (and for God’s sake let’s hope not) then you probably have.

I can still remember the day me, my twin and our girlfriends decided to form B.E.G. That’s an acronym for “Brown Eyed Girls.” None of us knew how to play any instruments, or sing, or write music or lyrics, but that didn’t matter, dammit! It was about the passion. And passing time on a snow day.

From what I remember I was basically the Paul, John, and George Martin of the band. I wrote songs, attempted the guitar and I think I even made a website devoted to us. Of course we broke up before we could release our EP, but Buntology has recently uncovered a demo that’s sure to wet any cult B.E.G. follower’s appetite.

Check out the exclusive release of Heart on a String (You Do Nothing)!

Lyrics by Angela & Jackie Bunt, lead vocals by Jackie and backup
vocals by Angela, guitar by Angela.


  1. OK so i wikipedia-d brown eyed girls– turns out we’re being ripped off by south koreans.

    i smell a lawsuit!

  2. oh wow….

    this song has now been added to my itunes, i hope that some day it comes up on shuffle

  3. Oh my god, please inform the people we were like 14! eh..that is kinda old actually.

  4. many insane people disguise themselves as musicians.

  5. HAHAH omg wowwww my ears hurt

  6. I listened to this. And I can never un-listen to it. Even when I clicked on it for the first time, my computer made multiple copies, as if to say, “you will never be able to remove this from your life, sucker.”

  7. Hello, I’m a big fat cat record producer and I smell green. I believe the Brown Eyed Girls can produce me a license to print money. I’ll have my people draw up a contract and send it to your agent (assuming you have legal representation) and we can get going. A ten million dollar record advance should be enough, right? We can figure out the finances later, I know I can bring you to the top of the charts.

  8. bahahahahahhah this is sooo funny. jackie it looks like we’re a hit, kid!

  9. we’ve got gold

  10. Ummm isn’t the mom supposed to be the agent. Forward all calls to me… can you both please get addicted to something and be reckless so we make it to the tabloids. Do I have to teach you EVERYTHING?

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