Fiction section launch!

Buntology is mixing it up! Below you can read our first submission in our new “fiction section” of the website. This poem, written by Elizabeth Haight, is sure to get your creative juices flowing.

Unless the Train Was Late27_pennstation_lg

Waiting up-state for the train
late from Penn Station,

“On the streets of Manhattan,
all the beautiful women
in their furs.”

I sit beside the most beautiful
elderly man, with pale olive skin
and youthful hands.

“He says nothing
he is a poet.”
From a bag on the seat between us,
he opens a gift tray of expensive men’s cologne,
removes the cap and splashes it into his palm
like after-shave, enlivened and laughing.

“Hah! Now we’re sailing!”

Places two jeweler’s boxes in his lap,
lifts the lids and fingers strands of pearls.

“My mother,
she brought me into the world.”

He is fourteen dollars short of a one-way ticket.
They have counted his money,
told him they’d try to get him a taxi
to the Greyhound depot.

“The taxi driver wanted to take me to Saratoga,
said I could sell my paintings there.”

Everyone watches him fumbling to repack.
More gracefully, he accepts my offer of help.
He has hands like Christ, I think,
and I ask him where he is going.

“To Manhattan,
I am taking pearls to my mother.”

The station is full and quiet and peculiar
while I make conversation, ask if he lives there.

“I am an artist.
I have a studio on East 66th Street,
a prestigious address:
beautiful women, no beggars!”

He looks at me from under his Ralph Lauren cap,
the bluest eyes, clasps together his hands
and gives me the thumbs-up.

“Aren’t you kind.
Don’t worry about me, please.
I know I am dying.”

He opens his arms slowly, gentle and wide.
We are alone.

“I have seen great women.”

He begins to applaud me.

The station is full and quiet and peculiar.



  1. I miss you Elizabeth!

  2. kate (katherine) says:

    i miss liz too! and your writing is wonderful… i can imagine the scene unfolding…

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I miss you too, Rochelle! Thank you Bunts for selecting my poetry for Buntology. I love this new direction you’re going! The music reviews are great. They inspire too.

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