Wormtown 2009 mini-documentary!

WORMTOWN 087It’s finally here! Angela’s directoral / producer debut. The sound quality is crappy, the visual quality is crappy, but besides that it’s pretty friggin’ awesome. Check it out HERE at Vimeo.com. Featuring bands: Roots of Creation, Playin’ Dead, Rubblebucket Orchestra, The Alchemystics, UMelt, Humblebee and Goosepimp!



  1. by far the coolest thing buntology has ever done

  2. pretty awesome .. wouldn’t say the coolest thing ever, because we’ve done some badass stuff, but def in the top 5.

  3. niceee this is friggin awesome good job ange! i think its set up only allowed to watch like 5 mins of it! but its sick, so yea, yo i cant wait to see the rest!
    text me tomorr

  4. Rochelle (producer/director's mom) says:

    Watched whole video this morning on Jackie’s computer where you have it “saved”. Sooo good!! I am truly proud of you. I know how much time and hard work you put into this. Love the guy with the dreds and his story about getting frisked at Dubai…

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