Jackie tries her hand at scratching with DJ Hero

1459-dj-activision (1)Based on the same idea as Guitar Hero, there is a new game coming out in soon called DJ Hero.

Instead of playing a guitar, you are playing with a turntable. The new game allows you to pick from hundreds of songs to create your own mixes. By using the turntable controller, you can spin and scratch different beats.

I can honestly say that I have only played Guitar Hero a total of three times. I was never that interested in it, and trying to keep up with the colors and finger moving just frustrated me. However, this DJ thing has really got me intrigued. Especially after watching this mini clip of what you can do with the game. Check out the clip below!

(Jackie, is this cat picture even part of the game? Is he DJ Hero (which I keep pronouncing “herro” in my mind. Like the cat is named DJ Herro.) Anyway, I’ve played Guitar Hero quite a few times and I’m not too shabby. Wait… you get your fake turntables, I’ll get my fake guitar… we can be a traveling band, sister! – Angela)



  1. I found that cat on google..pretttttty cute

  2. More pictures of cute cats!!

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