(ATTN: Canadians) Can somebody please elaborate?

For several weeks I’ve been trying to unravel the mystery of health care reform, and I can’t seem to figure it out. I’ve read articles and watched news coverage, and I know a lot about the reaction of Americans to the plan (chaotic Town Hall meetings), but nothing about the plan itself.

I even asked my parents about it:

So, instead of ignoring the topic, I call on you, the readers, to shed some light on it. What do you think?

HERE is an article & HERE is a clip from The Daily Show (he majority of it deals with health care, the rest is just funny) to help add a few wrinkles to your brain.



  1. im not really sure whats going on either.
    But i would like to say, when i was almost dying in belize – I got immediate attention, and it was ALL free!!

    when i went to noble hospital, it was like 5000$ and i had to wait for 7 hours. But i mean i guess that could just be noble.

  2. me and Steve just got into a fight about health care. He said I was a communist. 🙂 …ps: bobba booey or w/e obv got good service bc he is BOBBA BOOEY!

  3. NO… they had no clue who he was…it isn’t like he makes a big announcement when he runs into the emergency room in this small town. “Hey, everyone, I work on the Howard Stern show!” Sometimes that works against a person and not everyone knows who he (the producer) is just by name.

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