Meanwhile, in Michigan …

I just woke up coughing like a longtime coal-miner with a bad glue-huffing habit, and found my cell phone full of new texts and pictures from the Buntology festival crew.

Pretty cool that Ange and co. saw Nas and Damian Marley “front and center,” but, I mean … I was up all night with this killer cold, wondering if I was gonna die. So who’s the one having the awesome, life-changing experience?


You decide.

Oh, yup, and here's Damian doing "Beautiful"



  1. Alicia,
    You don’t have to be in Rothbury to be on drugs. NYQUIL ftw.

  2. It is indeed a tie on the life changing experience… 😉
    And I do love to hear what you are both up to..sweet concert, glad to hear Ange is having fun, LOVE the updates

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