“Baby we are live”

UPDATE: Now with more MAN MAN – one of my favorite bands! Click the jump for pics from Angie.

From Buntology photog and networker extraordinaire Xtina, via text message:

“Keller williams live rothbury 09 bbaabbbyyy first set UPDATE baby we are live coverage rothbury 09 right nowww wwooo. Mad networking bitches!”

Kellar Williams, Rothbury 09

Have fun, girls – while you’re out grinding like a bunch of jobless hippies, I’m back here in the rolling Berkshire hills, doing ACTUAL WORK. *sob* TELL ANI I LOVE HER

(Stay tuned for more funny texts and grainy pics!)

Man Man! I think this is .. Chang Wang? Correct me if I'm wrong.

And that's Honus Honus on the keyboard! HONUS!!!!!!!



  1. ooooo MAN MAN Ahhhhh i wish i was there soooo bad!

    ivan springfield

  2. ahahah i love my text update. belig.

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