Wine, Blink and acid reflux

Basically sums up our Tuesday night. And that’s a working night, gang. We headed over to Buntology addiction writer Patrick’s new apt for an evening of wine, women and song (read: Franzia and Billie Joe Armstrong). It started out calmly, but after we added mood lighting and hash to the mix, emotions started to rise. See for yourselves.

It was all downhill from here. After the jump: Angela rails against Tom DeLonge.

Ange speaks out about Blink182. “He broke up with them through their MAN-AG-ER.”  Tom, get your head out of your DeLonge!



  1. HAAAAAAAAAA omg i love u guys. You’re a wizard harry!! so i’m at my internship right now & i’m suppose to be working on this arial view of franklin but my supervisor is at a meeeting. however, I can’t open the file i need ……. so i’m sitting on buntology instead.

    so I want to write a story for buntology a news story. I wanna write about when I go 2 the midnight showing of harry potter okay? Unless alicia you want this.

  2. BigDaddyBunt1 says:

    Swami Dad Says:
    Alicia sleeping in the downstairs guest room + missing, large popcorn bowl = a night spent vomiting.

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