I-Sketch Crazy


I haven’t written in a while. I haven’t been doing much of anything in a while. It isn’t because I can’t find a job, or have no friends..It is all because of a little website called, ISketch.com.

About a week ago my friend (and Buntology writer) William Cimino introduced me to this website. It is basically Pictionary online. There are a whole bunch of rooms to join, which hold as many as 10 people at a time. The object is to earn the most points by correctly guessing other people’s drawings, and the player doing the actual drawing rotates throughout the game. I am a really bad “paint” user, and that is the ISketch’s basic setup for drawing your word. Either way, this game has taken over my life for a good 2-3 hours a day.

When you don’t have a job it is easy to get caught up in an addiction. Maybe I can be a professional ISketcher? I wonder if they pay you if you play enough. If you are bored check it out.

Before you know it, your eyes will be bleeding and your fingers will hurt! It is that much fun!

[UPDATE- by Angela]

Jackie finally convinced me to go online and play ISketch.

The first time I got to draw a picture it got kicked out of the room because I used letters in my drawing. The Admin scolded me for not reading the rules. Actually, they specifically say right before you start drawing that there are “no letters allowed.” But seriously, it seemed like every room you went in somebody was yelling at you for using vulgarity or drawing boobs. What gives? I was trying to draw somebody spying.

Jackie won the last round we played. Congrats sis! All that cheating we did paid off.



  1. Hahah yes! Sign up and play isketch with me and JB

  2. sawyer, ange, and ivan are playing now!

  3. rochelle says:

    Didn’t you all just graduate from college? Ummm… have we not progressed at all in the past 4 years?…Are you not all the leaders of tomorrow? ISketch? Go invent a game and make me rich!

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