Friday morning fun

A vid update on Buntology from Alicia and Angela. Friday is funday – can’t you tell from our bangin new hats?



  1. haha its great to see u guys go the videos back, its really one of my fav parts of the site..

    alicia, ur hair looks soo good!

    ange urs does too.. but i mean alicia urs looks really good!

    cant wait till we r reunited again!

    alicia- did u hear they are making a buffy movie? but its like not the buffy tv show its like the original movie and i dont think its gonna be good. sigh, where are u spike?

  2. Jessica says:

    DUDE BEYONCE IS PLAYIN IN THE BACKROUND check up on it check up on it!

    i like the celeb news esp jon and kate plus 8! i shoulda written a story on it but jackie woulda outshined me and i woulda looked like an idiot

    nice emo polish ange

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