This makes me nerv

UPDATE: Told you so!

No one seems to be panicking nearly as hard as I am about this.

I see a strong link between

Associated Press photo, 4/24/09, Mexico City.




  1. Well, then I see no point in starting my diet today and i just may not go to the gym either …..

  2. Mad cow, bird flu, killer bees, 9/11 conspiracy, blahblahblah I’ll panic when I start seeing my friends dropping like flies

  3. I feel ya! I am creeped out! I will now be carrying hand sanitizer on my morning commute! Subways! Eeek!

  4. I would love nothing more to be alive in a post apocalyptic scenario like in the stand.

  5. yea mince. i would definitely want to be chillin with you in a scenario like that. you would create a shield with your foot skin and i would just puke on whoever.

  6. Rochelle says:

    Did Egypt really need to kill 300,000 innocent pigs? I hate to be the first person in that country to catch swine flu. The government there will probably just kill the entire town where the person lives to keep it from spreading. What a bunch of lunatics.

  7. Chris Carlson says:

    Jinxie is fresh off a vacation in Mexico and at Home Plate tonight. The whole place is infected. So am I.

  8. Hi, I’m here to audition for the Stu Redmond role? What, you think I look more like a Glen Bateman????

  9. I’m still not sure what all the fuss and media scrutiny is about. On the scale of things that scare me, swine flu is below getting hit by lightning while on the bowl. I just can’t buy into all the media sensationalism. Did they cure AIDS when I wasn’t looking? Correct me if I’m wrong, but theres been 1 reported death in the US. Are you kidding me? Thats about as much of a pandemic as 200 pound chimps stomping out middle aged women in Connecticut. If you put it in proportion, hundreds of thousands of people die every year all over the world from common flu strains. I think people would be better off worrying about maintaining their employment than worrying about a pig sneezing on them on the T.

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