Happy birthday

Happy birthday to Buntology’s very own Angela and Jackie, who turn 22 today! The little rapscallions.

If you ask me, they still belong in a double stroller.

Pretty cute! Who could have predicted they’d grow up so twisted and cruel? Such is life.



  1. ew i’m old! jackie looks exactly the same– angry with a raised brow.

    ahhh it’s also earth day. annnndd administrative professionals day!


  2. Jackie is really going to town on that stroller. CHOMP

  3. haha aww thats classic!

  4. why am I always eating things? nothing has changed… 😦

  5. And the best part is, the Related Posts will allow you guys to meet people with the same birthday as you!

    Happy birthday Linny, Steve, and Kate!

  6. rochelle says:

    OMG! That picture was taken at a Mother of Twins party thing. That stroller was a nightmare. Clearly Jackie thought the handle was made of cheese! You both were too darn cute for words!!!! My babies….. Happy Birthday!

  7. You girls were so cute!
    What happened?!

    HAHAHA just kidding πŸ™‚
    Have a great birthday !

  8. You girls were so cute! What happened?! πŸ™‚

    Have a great birthday! πŸ™‚

  9. HAHA and i posted twice…its not my fault- computers suck!

  10. also happy birthday to: jack nicholson (the joker in batman), terry fracona (redsox manager), ryan stiles (tall guy from whos line is it?), and ricky kaka (soccer star)!!
    and also: happy earth day, administrative professionals day, discovery day (for brazilians), and national jelly beans day!

  11. happy birthday girls….and ill second ivan’s mentions

  12. big daddy says:

    Happy Birthday my dear young ladies. Is there anyone you’d like me to kill, just to please you? Or perhaps a mountain you need moved…….?

  13. We (and by we I mean I) over at boxothoughts wish both of you a happy birthday. I am gonna miss you Angela when you graduate. I am happy you will be embarking on your journey out into the world, but sad that I will be left behind.

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