The Steel Rail effect

glistenBuntology & crew made some new friends when they rocked out to The Glisten Effect last weekend at Fired Up in Westfield, Mass.

The four-piece band, comprised of Dom Mazzolli (lead vocals, guitar, trumpet), Nicolas Gringas (vocals, keyboards), Ryan Andrews (bass), Nate Kielb (drums, vocals), are Westfield natives, and played a super fun show Saturday night.

The first set included a cover of RHCP’s “Suck my Kiss,” “Business Time” (from “Flight of the Conchords), and sickk drum and bass solos. They ended by letting the crowd know they had some Pink Floyd up their sleeve…

…and starting the next set with “Time” and “Money.” Nice!

Nothing beats going to see some good live music on a Saturday night, and The Glisten Effect fits the bill.

The proof is in the pudding:


OK, the Steel Rails were pretty good, too.

We got the chance to hang out with some of these dudes after the show, and I even got to eat orange slices with keyboardist, Nick, who says “we’ll play pretty much anywhere.” Oh, and if my roommates and I bring in good crowds they’ll give us free T-shirts. Holler!

Check out The Glisten Effect:

March 21st at The Waterfront in Holyoke, Mass.

April 25th at Maximum Capacity in Springfield, Mass.

Youtube Videos:

Facebook fan club:



  1. so xtina and i had a debate about the expression “proof is in the pudding” while i was writing this. she thought it was “proof is in the putting.”

    i found this:

  2. I love pudding! And I love that picture. And I’m jeal you guys raged with the band. I wanna go to a Glisten Effect show!

  3. way to diss me on buntology ange….

    anyyyywayyysss fired up should probably give me vodka in my cranberry and vodka next time….thats the only complaint i have…


  4. ready to come out and do my e-honda dance. need some confidence juice first

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