Melly does Trento! [#1]

mellCiao! and hello fellow Buntology fans, freaks and fanatics. My name is Melissa Friedman and like yourselves I share a deep love for this site. Unlike many of you however, I also share genes with the lovely ladies behind the magic (yes, I am related to the Bunt sisters and yes, it is awesome). I am 21 years old (procreating at the same time seemed to be a trend in our family), I study at Binghamton University in upstate New York and I am finishing up my last semester abroad in Trento, Italy.

With any luck I will spend the next five months eating really kick-ass food, drinking wine, and riding around on Vespas with hot foreign men. My cousins have asked me to write a travel log for the site, and while I am no English major (I’m an Italian major, my main goals in life consist of the previous sentence), I am hoping not to let them or anyone else in the Buntology family down.

The ticket is bought, the suitcases are packed, and my mom has already cried about 10 times. All that’s left is to go!

This is the first in a series of travel logs chronicling [cousin, niece] Melissa’s semester in Trento, Italy. Mel left for Italy on Monday – with any luck, she’s already got a “caldo uomo.” According to iGoogle translate, that’s “hot man” in Italian.



  1. Mel.. You look so pretty! Did you get my text before you left?

  2. throw a rock and you’ll hit one. there is an abundance here!

  3. JORDAN!!!!

  4. yeah… but watch out… they all live with their mothers until age 35.

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