it’s all about entrepreneurship

uhhh... sick! Update: Check this out!

Christina, head of merchandise, and Angela went to Matt (Lusteg)’s house last night to check out the progress on his budding hat line. As you can see, progress is being made.

The hat pictured here was designed by Kevin Fecteau. Pretty sickyyy!

Stay posted for more info on their line, as these hats will be made available for sale on Buntology!



  1. that super mario hat is sooooooooooooooooooooooo sick!

  2. Hahaha Nice pics, you guys rule, just let us know if anyone wants anything custom done or has any ideas or comments, they’re all more then welcome.

  3. i don’t know i don’t care, just tell me (Alicia) what I gotta do to get this hat. So fly! Can I get a hot pink and white one with Princess Toadstool on it?

  4. Kevin Fecteau says:

    Hey no problemo Alicia we can definitely get that done. It seems like the Mario hats may be the most popular lol.

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