Campus Live ALL NEW

campusliveCampus Live 2.0 has dropped!

Those of you who haven’t been visiting our pals over at are missing out. This is the ultimate web page for any college student. After creating your free account (which takes a total of about 1 minute) You have access to anything you could ever be looking for.

Need to find movie times and theaters near you? They got it. Weather in your college area? They got it. Food delivery, restaurants, coupons, reviews, and deals … they got it all! With the new Campus Live, you can check your school e-mail or Gmail account straight from the site. CL also started their own staff blog with the latest news and updates about the site.

So the bottom line is: Make an account on Campus Live and use it as your homepage. Oh, and if Facebook is your current homepage, they have a link for that too!

And anyway, Facebook is so passe. All the cool kids (buntology) are making CL 2.0 their homepage.



  1. i heart campus live!!! the gmail access is the sweetest. and the food delivery feature, obvi.

  2. woorrddd?!?! facebook too!

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