Answer me these questions three [by Rod]

The presidential election will be held on Tuesday, November 4. Whoever is elected will hopefully dedicate themselves to the task of running the country. Whatever their approach (don’t get me wrong, hearing John McCain talk about the “surge” and honor and victory in Iraq gives me flashbacks to the American Nightmare in Vietnam), I’m hoping that the new president will have more character and intelligence then what I’ve seen for the last eight years. Having somebody- having anybody at the controls might slow this country’s swirl down the drain.
In addition to voting for a new president, I’ll also get the chance to vote on three -count ’em- three ballot questions, concerning cutting the state personal income tax, de-criminalizing marajuana and making it illegal to bet on dog racing.

Boils down to this, for me.

Question #1
Don’t cut taxes. cut the waste and legal bribery. Hook our legislators up to lie detectors; abolish campaign contributions from lobby groups with tons of cash and the ability to influence politicians. I’m voting no.

Question #2
Hell, the government should regulate marajuana just like it does booze. Put it on the grid, sell it at Walmart, right next to the cigarettes. Why should sketchy little weasel drug dealers from the Bronx make illegal profit by selling to the 53% of baby boomers who smoke pot? I’m voting yes.

Question #3
Doesn’t even bear discussion. Stop abusing animals for the benefit of gambling income. race fucking cockroaches, save the dogs. I’m voting yes.

Here’s a useful link from the Massachusetts Secretary of State concerning these initiatives:
I’m planning on being a good citizen and sending along my opinion.


  1. Well, dear, glad to see you are finally not stifled!

  2. Nicely put, Daddy. Well said.

  3. buntology says:

    you should do more writing for buntology.

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