Jackie’s gland pt. 2

Hello All!

Just letting you know that Glenda has made her way out! Glenda the Gland has finally been killed off by a whole bunch of antibiotics. It took ten whole days but, I think she is gone for good. Can’t say that I will miss her but we had some good times together.

On another note, last night my roommates threw a rager in the apartment. My roommate Ashley turned 22. There were at least 15 people from her hometown here. It was pretty nuts so I decided to sneak out so I wouldn’t get in trouble. The next morning I came back to cups, puke, and lots of stories about people showing boobs and ass. Too bad I missed it!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: I have finally caved and gotten back on facebook. I did go without it for almost an entire month! Thankfully all pictures and friends were saved…phew.



  1. JAckie!!! You didn’t! I thought you kicked that habit, girl.

    I can’t believe you didn’t mention my fine driving to Mercy Hospital to see the Dr.

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